My name is Bruno Lepetit.  Welcome !

email : bruno.lepetit(at)


I currently work as CNRS researcher in Toulouse, a pleasant lively city south of France. My interest is focused on theoretical studies  in gaz phase and gaz-surface dynamics.

Here is a short CV and publication list :
my_resume.pdf  (updated publication list)
I have different fields of investigation, for instance :
- spectroscopy and reaction dynamics of small systems, for instance using hyperspherical coordinates
- application of molecular dynamics to plasma physics, collision cross-sections
- photodissociation dynamics of molecules and van der Waals complexes
- dynamical processes at surfaces, sticking and desorption. In particular graphene and graphite.
- ...

Representative examples of recent work are given in : hdr-lepetit.pdf

All this studies require extensive numerical simulations, I like in particular developping my own computer programs. But also in-depth physical analysis of the results is always needed.



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