One project deals with the sticking of hydrogen on graphene.

This process is important in astrophysics as a necessary first step to molecular hydrogen formation in cold interstellar media.
It is also important in the formation of graphane, in insulating derivative of graphene. Our project aims at understanding better such sticking processes. Indeed, dissipative processes
have to take place for hydrogen to stick : either phonon excitation, or lectron hole excitation. It have already studied phonon excitation with Bret Jackson, I now want to move on to
electron hole excitation. More on this.

A second project deals with field induced electron emission.

This has relation to the fusion energy ITER research program, more precisely to the negative ion beam, necessary to bring energy to the fusion plasma. An hydrogen negative beam is indeed accelerated before being neutralized and injected in the Tokamak. Acceleration requires high voltages (of the order of 1 MV). At such high fields, electronic field emission of the metallic walls followed by electrical breakdown of vacuum is possible. The project is about modelling of the effects of adsorbates on material emission properties.

More on this.