I am endebted to many collaborators I have been working with over the years.

I was a PhD student of Jean-Michel Launay at Meudon Observatory , near Paris. I learnt a lot from him : collision theory, reaction dynamics,
molecular coordinates, computer science...and more.
I was post-doc with Aron Kuppermann at Caltech, an extremely friendly person and a profound mind. He unfortunately passed away in october 2011.

I owe much from my collaborators at Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse : Alberto Beswick, Arnaud Dupays, Xavier Gadéa, Nadine Halberstadt, Didier Lemoine, Thierry Leininger, Chris Meier...

I also have the pleasure to collaborate with people over the world : Bret Jackson at UMASS, USA ; René Kalus and
Frantisek Karlicky (Ostrava), Ivana Paidarova (Prague), all three in Czech Republic ; Dimitar Bakalov and Boyan Obreshkov, both in Sofia, Bulgaria ; Octavio Roncero in Madrid, Spain ; Maykel Marquez-Mijares in la Havana, Cuba...

And many others, past, present, and future !